Microgreens and Sprouts – March 22, 2017

We’ve had some great weather! Maybe you have started your seeds or have purchased some of our have veggie plants, but did you know?

You can start enjoying and harvesting your kitchen garden sooner than you think!

lettuce microgreens

Grow delicious microgreen vegetables and herbs in a bright window or under grow lights. Within 7-14 days you can harvest flavorful and nutritious greens for salads, sandwiches, soups and garnishes.

  • Sow the seeds in clean containers filled with seed-starting mix. Cover the containers with a clear lid and place in a bright location. Keep the mix moist but not wet. Let the plants grow leaves to 2-3 inches, then snip and eat!
  • Lettuce, arugula, and kale are popular, but try other greens too – bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, beet and mustard greens
  • Add some radish, cress, peas, or sunflower
  • Try some herbs: sorrel, basil, dill, marjoram, oregano
  • Find microgreen seed varieties, supplies, and lights at City Floral Greenhouse

Also, add more nutritious crunch to your meals with sprouts!

medley of fresh sprouts in plastic container

Photo: Frédérique Voisin-Demery/FlickrCC2.0

  • Sprouting seeds include mung bean, soy bean, adzuki bean, alfalfa, clover, broccoli, grains and lots of mixtures
  • Soak the seeds well, rinse, drain and place in growing containers protected from light
  • Harvest in only 3-7 days!

Discover the best times from February to September to start seeds and plant vegetables indoors or in your garden by clicking here for our vegetable planting chart.

Have questions about starting seeds? Our helpful staff are ready and excited to talk with you. New gardener or experienced grower, we are here to help you get growing this spring. Come see us!

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