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Houseplant Spotlight: Dracaena

Dracaena Features The Dracaena is quite possibly the perfect group of houseplants, and for good reason. They are among the easiest and most common houseplant around. At City Floral Garden Center, you’ll find sizes of dracaenas from tiny cute little guys to giant trees up to 6 feet in height. The smaller younger plants make […]

Houseplant Spotlight: Aglaonema ‘Chinese Evergreen’

Chinese Evergreen Features Chinese evergreens are not only beautiful houseplants with many varieties and styles, but it also the perfect houseplant for beginners. A very sturdy plant, the Chinese evergreen is very easy to grow because it will tolerate almost any indoor condition. Most of the Chinese evergreens we carry have beautifully rich green leaves […]

Rabbit and Deer Resistant Perennials

When we look at rabbits and deer we often think of how cute and cuddly they are. In reality, they are brutal attackers…to your plants. That’s right, those cute little animals prancing around in your backyard are hunting for the perfect salad. There are some rabbit and deer resistant plants that that these little critters […]

July Gardening Tips & To-do’s

Gardening in July is where the fun happens. Everything has been planted and is looking stunning (hopefully). Now’s the time to make sure your flowers stay blooming, your vegetables are ready for harvest, and your garden stays beautiful with a couple of helpful tips from City Floral. We’ve compiled a couple of important gardening to-do’s […]

Our Services

Plant Care Instructions

Chat with our staff about plant care tips & instructions for your plants.

Plant Identification

Can’t figure out what plant you have? Let us help!

Pests & Disease Diagnosis

Plants get sick, too! Find out what’s wrong & get the tools for a full recovery.

In-Store Repotting

Have us re-pot your houseplants & check one more thing off of your to-do list. Often, we finish while you wait!

Special Orders

Hard to find garden items can be special ordered to the store for pick up.

Custom Container Potting

Bring in a garden container or choose one from our garden shop to be filled with our plants.

Seasonal Decoration

Custom blooming baskets, wreaths, & more!

Free Pot Decorating

Any blooming plant over $10 can be decorated with wrapping film & ribbon to be given as a gift.


We can deliver to your home or desired destination within a five-mile radius* of our store.


Come and learn more about gardening with us during our weekend classes!


It all started with a man who wanted to make Denver ever more beautiful. What was a cut carnation nursery has expanded into a legacy garden center that still contributes to the beautification of our city. After more than 100 years in business and many flowers and plants sold. City Floral is still going strong and always growing.

We love all of the stories of customers that grew up shopping at City Floral, who return today for everything from colorful flowers in the spring to Christmas trees in December.

Our History
303-399-1177 | 1440 Kearney Street, Denver CO 80220 | MON - SAT: 9 AM - 6 PM & SUN: 10 AM - 5 PM.