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Growing Herbs Indoors: A How-to Guide

Growing herbs indoors is a great way to witness a plant’s growing process and enjoy fresh herbs for all your culinary needs. Whether you grow the herbs from seed or a herb starter plant, the satisfaction of being able to say “I grew that” will make anyone feel wonderful. Growing your herbs indoors is also […]

4 Fresh Herbs Perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays mean many things to people, and the one thing that always gathers us around is cooking and food. The holidays’ flavors are very particular, and certain Thanksgiving herbs make a turkey taste memorable. Fresh herbs are essential to cooking and add a much better flavor than dried ones. So why not start growing […]

6 Things to do with your Extra Garden Vegetables

It’s around that time where most gardens are producing way more vegetables and herbs than we can ever use. While tomato sauce and zucchini bread are great ways to use up those extra vegetables, that will only go so far. Zucchini bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner gets old very quickly. Thankfully, we at City […]

5 Cocktails to Make this Weekend Using Fresh Herbs

Summer means BBQs, fireworks and the celebration of the Fourth of July. It also means that herb garden you have been growing is ready to start harvesting (if you haven’t already). We thought it would be fun to create some drink ideas for your Fourth of July party using some of those herbs. Here’s 5 drinks […]

June Vegetable Gardening Tips & To-Do’s

It’s June and your vegetable gardening is in full swing. The vegetable starts have been planted, the seedlings are well established, and everything is going great. However, that doesn’t mean you can just sit back with a lemonade and watch your garden grow. There are June to-do’s that are necessary in making sure you have […]

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