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Pothos Houseplant Spotlight

Pothos Features The pothos houseplant is by far the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of houseplants. The beautiful and unassuming pothos houseplant is one of the easiest and undemanding plants to grow in your home. This lovely plant is an easy way to add some much-needed green to your home while not overly fussy […]

January Gardening to-do’s

January gardening can be a bit limited due to frigid temperatures and snow. That why now is the best time to plan and get prepared for spring. Creating a plan can help envision plants’ placement based on the amount of sun they need, how big or small they grow, or what type of plant they […]

Peace Lily: Houseplant Spotlight

Peace Lily Features Peace lily houseplants are common houseplant that you’ll find any from office buildings, restaurants, hotel lobbies and of course people’s homes. They create a magnificent white bloom when placed in ideal lighting conditions, such as a bright room. Grouping peace lilies together makes for a stunning display of dark green foliage contrasted […]

Houseplant Trends 2021: Our Top 10 Houseplants for the New Year

Houseplant trends for 2021 make up a great range of different houseplants. These plants are the perfect addition to your collection with their little unique look and growing habits. Using science and nerdy data collection through Google, the plant world has determined 2021’s most popular houseplants. At City Floral, we love houseplants, and it shows. […]

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Plant Care Instructions

Chat with our staff about plant care tips & instructions for your plants.

Plant Identification

Can’t figure out what plant you have? Let us help!

Pests & Disease Diagnosis

Plants get sick, too! Find out what’s wrong & get the tools for a full recovery.

In-Store Repotting

Have us re-pot your houseplants & check one more thing off of your to-do list. Often, we finish while you wait!

Special Orders

Hard to find garden items can be special ordered to the store for pick up.

Custom Container Potting

Bring in a garden container or choose one from our garden shop to be filled with our plants.

Seasonal Decoration

Custom blooming baskets, wreaths, & more!

Free Pot Decorating

Any blooming plant over $10 can be decorated with wrapping film & ribbon to be given as a gift.


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It all started with a man who wanted to make Denver ever more beautiful. What was a cut carnation nursery has expanded into a legacy garden center that still contributes to the beautification of our city. After more than 100 years in business and many flowers and plants sold. City Floral is still going strong and always growing.

We love all of the stories of customers that grew up shopping at City Floral, who return today for everything from colorful flowers in the spring to Christmas trees in December.

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