Trees & Shrubs

tree and plant nursery in Denver, CO

Trees & Shrubs

At City Floral Garden Center, we carry the widest selection of trees, shrubs, outdoor plants, and vines in urban Denver.

Whether you’re looking for blooming shrubs, deciduous shade trees, fruit trees, or specialty evergreens, our helpful and knowledgeable staff can provide the advice you need to choose the perfect plants for your lawn or garden.

Trees and Shrubs Planting and Services

Looking to build a privacy screen? We can recommend many columnar tree and shrub varieties to build a living fence or hedge. Need to cover up something unsightly or add something living to your neighbor’s garage wall? At City Floral Garden Center, you’ll find a huge selection of vines from evergreen to flowering to accent your garden.

Looking to buy trees in Denver? Come to our garden center and plant nursery today to scope out our full selection of shrubs and trees for sale! Visit our garden store and garden gift shop at 1440 Kearney St., Denver, CO 80220. We are bursting at the seams on the South Patio with everything from small shrubs to specimen trees that will fill the opening you have in your yard.

Need help? Work with our landscaping company!

Do you want the results without digging big holes? Check out our planting service through City Floral Landscaping. We also offer garden design with our full-time Landscape Architect on staff. Click here for more information on our Landscaping website.

Plant nursery in Denver, CO  tree nursery in Denver, CO