Discovering the Possibilities of Habitat Gardening in Denver

Have you wished you could live in the mountains, but it isn’t practical for your lifestyle? Bring a piece of that natural, living in the wild atmosphere back home with you through habitat gardens. These are more than just beautiful landscape work; these are thriving eco-systems designed to support life and continual co-existence with plants and animals.

Habitat Gardening is the process of converting traditional backyards and gardens into spaces that attract and support native birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. This type of landscaping and gardening is great for environmental sustainability as it works within the present ecosystem rather than against it. Habitat gardening can turn your backyard into a thriving paradise.


Gardening in the dry climate of Colorado can be tough when your current landscape is water and resource intensive. Habitat gardening offers an alternative method of gardening that encourages the use of native species so your garden is not only visually appealing, but also has a positive impact on the surrounding environment and wildlife. The trick to habitat gardening is making sure to plant appropriately for your area. By using trees and plants that naturally thrive in Colorado’s arid climate, you can create a beautiful and well-balanced landscape to meet all your needs.

For all habitat gardening, you must think of the four essentials at all times: food, water, shelter, and adequate living space. Some ideal examples of plants to use in habitat gardening in Colorado are: Indiangrass and Switchgrass; Agastaches and Penstemons to attract hummingbirds; Asters and Milkweed to attract bees; native Ponderosa trees for shelter; natural ponds or manmade bird baths for water; and much more.

If you become passionate about habitat gardening and transform your landscape, the National Wildlife Foundation even offers to a certification to become part of the NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat program.

If you live within Denver’s city limits, you may be wondering if habitat gardening is even possible in a city. The short answer is, it is possible! As long as you’re helping to provide food, water, and shelter to local wildlife (even if that qualifies as just the squirrels in your area) and you use native plants while being water- and energy-efficient, you can adapt your space to habitat gardening. Come into City Floral in Denver today to discuss native plants and how to make your apartment patio or backyard landscape the next habitat garden in your area.

Plant Select offers amazing direction on native Colorado plants.

Plant Select offers amazing direction on native Colorado plants.

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