Alternative ‘Thriller’ Options in Your Patio Pots

Typical container design has three elements: Thriller, Filler, and Spiller. Thrillers are the focal element of your container gardening; Fillers add bulk around the base of your Thriller to fill in the ‘empty space’; and Spillers add a soft touch to the final container look by adding cascading plants around the pot edges.

Today we’ll be talking about alternative Thriller options, which are typically unique, eye catching, and interesting plants and flowers to use in your container gardening.

140620-patiopot1. Plants That Love the Shade vs. Sunlight 

Are you tired of the same old stuff planted in pots on your patio? Mix it up with these colorful plants that also last a little longer.

Patios that have a high level of direct sunlight make a great environment for growing Day lilies. This plant can grow up to around 4 feet, require very little care, and make the perfect patio plant for someone who is always on the go.

For patios with high amounts of shade try growing a coleus. This plant boasts bright bold colors, which are ideal for brightening up a small patio or darker space. Coleus thrive in environments with moist soil, ideal for part-sun to full-shade locations.  In the spring a coleus also produces small flowers, which reach heights of up to 24 inches.

2. Contrasting Texture and a Variety of Plants

Many people don’t realize they can have more than one type of plant per planter pot. Think about the size of the leafs and the color of each plant before selecting your arrangement. The best way to decide is to make sure to combine contrasting colors, textures, and sizes.

For example, combining things like asparagus fern with Ivy geraniums can be a great way to customize your patio pots. You also may want to include something like a large tomato, eggplant or pepper plant.  It is becoming popular to mix flowers and veggies in containers, and it adds that personal touch to any home or office garden.

What are some alternatives you’ve chosen for the Thrillers in your container gardening?

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