Bulbs and Seeds

bulbs and seeds in Denver, CO

Bulbs & Seeds

Planning is key when it comes to bulbs and seeds! How long will it take for your seeds, grown indoors, to be ready to transplant to the garden? Do you remember in October where you made the holes in your Tulip bed back in April?

Our supremely helpful staff at City Floral Garden Center is here to help with your bulb and seed planning! Visit our garden store and garden gift shop at 1440 Kearney St., Denver, CO 80220, email us at info@cityfloralgreenhouse.com, or call us at (303) 399-1177 with any questions.

Bulbs for Sale

Our selection of spring blooming bulbs is one of the largest in Denver. Starting Labor Day weekend each year, we dedicate an entire house to every variety, shape, and color of bulbs you could dream up. Be sure to come in early because we’re known to run out of popular items within weeks. But don’t plant your bulbs too early! Typically mid-October is best, or whenever the soil temperature holds around 50-degrees.

Come back in the spring for both summer and fall blooming bulbs like Gladiolas, Lilies, and Dahlias, too!

Seeds for Sale

Shop our large selection of annual, perennial, vegetable, and herb seeds, with many organic and heirloom varieties to choose from.

Looking for specific seed brands? We carry many varieties of seeds including Burpee, Lake Valley, Botanic Interest, Seed Saver Exchange, and more. Plus, we offer a large selection of seed starting kits, soils, heat mats, and grow lights to get you outfitted properly.

Definitely don’t miss out on attending a seeding class; they’re known as one of our favorite classes throughout the year. Sign up for our email newsletter to always be in-the-know for garden tips, gardening classes, and more!

Want to know which seeds thrive in Colorado? Click here for: Seed Calendar for Denver Colorado’s Climate

bulbs selection in Denver, CO bulb selection in Denver, CO