Fall Home Time

Fall is gathering-in time, the season for bringing in the last of the vegetable garden, raking leaves, and rounding up the scattered garden tools for storage. Use some weekend time to clean up the yard while enjoying crisp sunny fall afternoons.Fall Leaves Child Jumping

Got your check list for fall chores?
* Get the last of the bulbs planted.
* Cut back shrubs and perennials.
* Continue to plant deciduous trees and shrubs.
* Bring in ceramic and terracotta containers and store them in an area that protects them from frost.
* Remember to disconnect hoses and fountains before freezing weather.
* Water everything until the ground freezes. Make it easy for trees and shrubs by using watering bags.

Consider your garden as a winter habitat for wildlife. Leaving some perennials and grasses untrimmed provides shelter for native bees, birds and other creatures. Check the condition of all your bird feeders and stock up on seed supplies. A garden that welcomes wildlife is a treat to watch in the winter.

What do you do with all the leaves? Let the kids and the dogs jump in the piles, and then shred the leaves with a mower to use for mulch in beds and borders. Use them to pack around tender shrubs and roses and new plantings. Add them to the compost pile. Don’t put them in the trash. Keep your leaves out of the landfill by composting them through Denver Recycles’ LeafDrop program.

We have garden supplies and tools for all these fall needs. Come see us!

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