Miniature Gardens

Miniature Gardens

miniature garden supplies in Denver, CO
At City Floral Garden Center, we love all types of gardens! From big to small (and even miniature), and from indoor to outdoor, our staff can help you set up the garden of your dreams, including the garden supplies and gardening tools to make it last.

Miniature gardens are a great way to incorporate some plant and flower life into any small space in your home with very little effort. With so many varieties of miniature gardens, from closed terrariums to open fairy gardens and everything in between, you’ll have plenty to choose from when you visit our garden center in Denver. Whether you want to incorporate some humor into your plants, or prefer a stately orchid surrounded by moss, there is a miniature garden just for you.

Get Started: Miniature Garden Supplies

  • Container – can be open or closed, tiny or large, glass or plastic, clear or opaque
    • The type of container will determine which plants go best inside
  • Gravel – enough to cover the base of your container at least an inch deep
  • Charcoal – enough to make a thin layer over your gravel
  • Potting soil * – amount will vary depending on how high you want your plants
    • A high-quality soil that drains well is ideal

How to Create Your Own Miniature Garden

  1. Make sure the inside of your container is clean and dry, and your garden container is on a stable surface before you begin.
  2. Pour a layer of gravel, at least one inch deep, into the bottom of your container
    • The gravel is just for functionality, but don’t forget that we have a lot of decorative rock that will drain just as easily!
    • Use more gravel if you want to raise the level of your plants
  3. Add a thin layer of charcoal, just enough to cover your gravel
    • Not only will charcoal help to reduce plant rot & smells, but also slowly release nitrogen to feed your plants
  4. Before you add the potting soil into your miniature garden, dampen your potting soil slightly so that when you squeeze it into a ball it still falls apart when you open your hands
  5. Fill your container with potting soil, at least deep enough to support the roots of your plants
    • Have fun with it! You can play with layering to create slopes in the landscape.
  6. Now for the fun part – add some plants!
    • Keep in mind the lighting needs and space constraints of the plants you choose.
    • Play with the shapes, sizes, textures and colors of each plant or flower.
  7. Continue the fun by adding other decorative features:
    • Natural items: Large rocks, preserved reindeer or Spanish moss, paths of decorative sand, sticks & twigs, bark
    • Fun items: Fairies, chairs & tables, small figurines, dinosaurs
  8. Enjoy your miniature garden!
    • Keep in bright, indirect light
    • After the soil has dried considerably, water with a spray bottle to saturate the soil thoroughly
    • Occasionally check for dead leaves or plants that need cleaning or replacing

* Gardening tip: If you want to create a cactus & succulent garden, exchange sand or cactus potting mix for soil.

Not only at City Floral Garden Center do we carry all the supplies for your miniature garden (such as the flower pots, plant pots, potting soil, and garden containers), in our garden gift shop we offer myriad garden accessories to complement every gardener! Whether you’re looking for garden fairies or garden gnomes, we’ve got it all in our garden store at 1440 Kearney St., Denver, CO 80220.

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