Mid-Summer Checklist

  • summer plants Micolo J FlickrCC2.0 cropFill in blank spots with fresh annuals or new perennials. Do you have the perfect spot for a new shrub or tree?
  • Tidy up – remove weeds and unsightly plants, trim overgrowth and dead branches, edge beds and lawns.
  • Trim back flowering plants a bit and water well to refresh – it will stimulate new growth and more bloom.
  • Bugged? Sick plants?Treat for pests and disease or remove badly damaged plants.
  • Weed and mulch – to prevent new weed growth.
  • Water and mulch – to conserve soil moisture.
  • Mulch! – to keep soils cooler, add organic resources, or refresh garden paths.
Micolo J/Flickr/CC-by-2.0

Cut Flowers from the Garden

cone flower, phlox, yarrow in glass vase Colleen FlickrCC-SSA2.0


Local and homegrown flowers are the trend now. 

We all love to cut a few flowers from our gardens, but if you want lots of flowers all year, you may want to plant a cutting garden. For cut flowers, select some tall, sturdy varieties for each season. You’ll want to plant enough, either tucked into the flower beds or in their own plot, that you can cut them regularly without leaving the garden bare.


Shop the flower market in your backyard.

snapdragons John Shortland FlickrCC2.0 crop sm


Choose some flowers with a long bloom season; coneflower and rudbeckia are ideal. Include lots of your favorite annual flowers, snapdragons and zinnia and salvia, but remember the perennials and foliage plants too. Ferns and hosta provide great leaves for arrangements. Mints and other herbs grow vigorously, providing lots of fragrant greens to go with the flowers. Plant for seasonal interest with spring flowering shrubs, tulips and daffodils. Summer offers an abundance of choice flowers. Include some summer bulbs like lilies, dahlias and gladiolas. Fall mums are famous. For blue and purple fall flowers grow some asters, and watch for fall leaves and seed pods to include in your arrangements.

aster blue patrick standish flickrCC2.0


echinacea crocosmia orange


lilac lilac



   Photos: Vase/Colleen/Flickr/CC2.0ShareAlike; Snapdragons/JohnShortland/FlickrCC2.0; Blue Asters/PatrickStandish/flickrCC2.0