Four Reasons your Garden Needs a Water Feature

Looking to enhance your garden or landscape? Add the soothing sounds and aesthetic quality of water features.

Water provides an extra element of tranquility to your garden or landscape that can also be personalized through the specific water feature you choose. With so many water features to choose from, you can find the perfect style to match your garden and your personality.

1. Visual Aesthetic

There is something easy to understand yet difficult to describe about the intrinsic beauty of water. The reflective nature and constant movement of water sets people at ease in a way no other elemental force has the power to do. The greatest gardens in the world all incorporate water into their designs. Think about Monet’s iconic ponds and bridges or the fountains of Fontana Dell ’Ovato. These gardens have been elevated to the status of world treasures because of the timeless grace and beauty of water.

Now, chances are that you don’t have room in your private sanctuary for the fountains at the Bellagio or a private lake, but even a small garden can benefit greatly by including a well chosen water feature. Especially in parts of Colorado where water is scarce, incorporating a water feature instantly adds a visual feeling of abundance and tranquility.

140722-cityfloral-bamboowaterfountain feature

2. Sound Canceling and White Noise

We live in an age saturated in constant noise. Especially in the city, we are bombarded with the sounds of traffic, sirens, cell phones, and media. It’s never been more important to have a space set aside for auditory tranquility. Water features that include a fountain or running stream provide one of the most universally relaxing sounds to the human ear. The sound of water inspires an instant feeling of contentment and serenity. It has the added benefit of helping to cancel some of the less pleasing noises we have to accept as a part of modern life (such as traffic or your neighbor’s lawnmower).

In addition to the naturally pleasing sound of water, your water feature can be built  around a water chime or other sound producing element.  Find the right sound for your garden and you’ll have a sanctuary from modern times that will bring years of pleasure and relaxation.

3. Cooling Effect

140722-cityfloral-bamboowaterfountain2The heat of the Colorado sun can be difficult to bear along the Front Range. In the middle of summer, shade is an essential element to any garden where you expect to entertain or spend time by yourself. The slow evaporation effect provided by a water feature can help beat the heat and improve the environment around it. By incorporating the right combination of landscaping and plant life, your garden can become a cool oasis on even the hottest days. Our team of garden professionals can help you start enjoying your outdoor space rather than hiding from it.

4. Water Plants

Your water feature can become a vehicle to a wide variety of new and beautiful plants. Even as it waters the plants along its edge, provides an aesthetic quality to the landscape, and helps improve the sound of your environment, a well-made water feature can also be a home to some unique and lovely flora. Water lilies, lotuses, cattails, and irises are but a few of the wonderful plants you can incorporate into your garden with the addition of a water feature.

Certain water features may make a good environment for Koi Fish or other aquatic pets. Even small water features will act as readymade bird baths. Adding a water feature will encourage the presence and health of all natural life, including yours.

At City Floral Garden Center in Denver, we have a wide selection of prefabricated and customizable water features that will suit your garden perfectly. Our water features come in a variety of materials such as stone, ceramic, and concrete and our team of gardening experts can help you find just the right water feature to suit your needs. You may want to bring photos of your garden when you come to visit so we can find the right look to make the most of your water feature’s impact.


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