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Indoor Plants – The 70’s are back?

It’s houseplant season! And we’re throwing it back to the 70s this year by creating a jungle-like aesthetic. But unlike giant bell bottom pant legs and clashing patterns, indoor plants are a great way to meet form and function. Houseplants make for great decorating with the plethora of pots and the different leaf textures they bring. Form. They’re practical additions to your home for their ability to raise the quality of the air in your living spaces. Function. The benefits are boundless.

Hanging baskets of ferns and pothos.

Beyond their practical purposes, houseplants help to give your home a welcoming feel. Depending on your plant choices and selection of pots and containers, your own decorating style can shine through. To say that it’s a 70s vibe would merely have to include an abundant amount of plants to create an “indoor forest.” With hanging baskets, draping vines around your bedroom or living room can create a dynamic element to the space in contrast with furniture and other artwork. It adds height and depth in contrast with plants that are on the ground or on shelves. There are also plenty of accessories like miniature sculptures and pot stands that give your collection even more personality. Houseplants are like a fresh coat of paint: a few plants can create a brand new look in a room. When done right, plants like sansevieria or Snake Plant, ficus lyrata or Fiddle-Leaf Fig, or the many varieties of fern bring abundant color and texture to your home.

Aloe vera: purifier extraordinaire.

That was the form. Here is their function: indoor plants make the air in your living space cleaner and fresher according to NASA. Ferns, spider plants, dracaena, aloe vera, and sansevieria filter out chemicals like formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene from the atmosphere around them. They help to create more moisture in the air, which also makes for better breathing. And finally, houseplants have been proven to create a calmer, healthier environment in your home, leaving you happier and healthier. Those are some pretty great functions.

Maidenhair Fern

The best news of it all is that caring for these plants is generally very simple. Most indoor plants can be indoor plants because they prefer low or indirect light. This means that you don’t have to have windows in specific places to nurture the plants, rather the most common houseplants simply need a few hours of brightness a day from any available window. As for watering, they are generally content with a good soak about once a week or when the top few inches of soil have dried out. And speaking of soil, repotting the plants is only needed if the soil has been depleted of nutrients and needs aeration. This is also minimal, about once a year for most plants. But keeping the soil fed regularly can prolong the time between repotting.

Houseplants are the best kind of pets, really. They’re easy to maintain and give you far more than they take. Better air, better environment, and great decoration that compliment any look? Groovy baby!






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