Mid-Summer Checklist

  • summer plants Micolo J FlickrCC2.0 cropFill in blank spots with fresh annuals or new perennials. Do you have the perfect spot for a new shrub or tree?
  • Tidy up – remove weeds and unsightly plants, trim overgrowth and dead branches, edge beds and lawns.
  • Trim back flowering plants a bit and water well to refresh – it will stimulate new growth and more bloom.
  • Bugged? Sick plants?Treat for pests and disease or remove badly damaged plants.
  • Weed and mulch – to prevent new weed growth.
  • Water and mulch – to conserve soil moisture.
  • Mulch! – to keep soils cooler, add organic resources, or refresh garden paths.
Micolo J/Flickr/CC-by-2.0

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