Indoor Plant of the Week – Dieffenbachia

Indoor Plant of the Week DieffenbachiaDurable, dramatic, and easy Dieffenbachias have big leaves marked with spots, stripes or marbling in silvery or creamy white. That splash of white goes a long way to brightening a room.

Dieffenbachias grow well in the low light of our homes, preferring filtered indirect sun. They like the temperatures in our homes too, between 65 and 75 degrees, similar to their origins in tropical Mexico, West Indies and South America. They adapt well to lower light inside but can be moved shaded spots outdoors in the summer.

Care is easy; they get few pests or diseases. Water to keep them moderately moist, watering again when the surface of the soil feels dry. They need less water during the slow winter months and more frequent water when they are in active summer growth. Adjust fertilizer also, increasing from just once or twice a year for indoor plants, and more frequently for thriving patio plants in summer.

There are lots of varieties of Dieffenbachia with striking leaf markings and blends of colors. They grow upright, perfect for narrow spaces or along walls. Plants can get tall; if you’d like a shorter plant, choose one of the compact varieties.

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