Top 10 Plant Gifts for Dudes

So many occasions are perfect for gifting that special someone with plants! Whether it’s to congratulate someone on their new job, say happy birthday, or as a housewarming gift, everyone loves plants.

What it comes down to then, is choosing which plant to buy for which person. Everyone has different lifestyles and tastes. For men, specifically, you may want to avoid buying anything too flowery, such as daffodils or lilies. In case you’re not sure which plants are more “manly,” here are our top 10 plant gifts for dudes:

  1. Lucky Bamboo — Known as one of the “four gentleman” in Chinese culture, the bamboo is regarded for its strength, integrity, and nobility, as well as the serenity it brings into a room. The lucky bamboo can also take on a visually entertaining appeal: If you periodically turn its stalk, it will grow in twists and loops.


  1. Succulent Gardens — As low-maintenance plants, succulents fair well in dry conditions (read: perfect for Colorado) and indoors. They love direct sunlight but are able to adapt to low lighting. One of the most popular among guys is the Aloe Vera — a spiny yet plushy cactus that comes in handy for a number of medicinal uses, such as sunburns, cuts, and shaving nicks.


  1. Philodendron — One of the best household plants for better air quality, climbing philodendrons seem as though they have minds of their own.  In the wild, philodendrons can grow into gigantic beasts that overwhelm trees; luckily, indoors, they will just wind around objects and furniture if you want them to. Their vines can be used as decoration and placed wherever they’ll reach, adding a nature feel to the space they occupy.

PhilodendronPinnatifidum copy

  1. Air Plant — Maybe the easiest plant to take care of is the air plant, which doesn’t even require soil. They can be placed anywhere as their roots will attach themselves to any surface and all they need to survive is a periodic misting and regular fresh air. Aside from being easy to maintain, air plants are perfect gifts for guys as they add a small pop of nature to their man cave, without overwhelming it.


  1. Venus Flytrap — Half pet, half plant, the Venus flytrap is carnivorous and requires protein to survive. As luck would have it, Colorado is home to a number of bugs that are just perfect for the Venus flytrap’s appetite. Dudes love watching their plants snatch up whatever insect decides to crawl along its leaves — when the insect touches one of the Venus flytrap’s tiny hairs, the trap snaps shut in less than 20 seconds!


  1. Snake Plant — Also known as “Bowstring Hemp,” the strong fibers of the snake plant were once used in western Africa to fashion bowstrings. Its leaves are rigid and tough with points at their tips. The snake plant thrives on being watered just once in awhile, as long as it’s kept indoors.


  1. Hawaiian Umbrella Tree — An ideal plant for the guy who likes meditative projects along the lines of building boats in narrow-necked bottles, the Hawaiian Umbrella is a beginner’s bonsai tree. It requires specific maintenance, but is relatively easy to care for in terms of watering and soil conditions. To keep it miniature, it must be regularly trimmed and pinched.


  1. Braided Money Tree — Fascinating to look at, the Braided Money Tree’s roots grow more vertically than outward, leaving a majority of them exposed above the soil. According to the principles of feng shui, the Money Tree is said to bring good luck and fortune.


  1. Rosemary Tree — Perfect for the guy who enjoys cooking, Rosemary grows in the shape of a tiny pine tree, as it is actually an evergreen. Rosemary works well as a kitchen plant and emits a pleasant, light aroma that appeals to a number of men.


  1. Neoregelia Bromeliad — If you’d like to buy a colorful plant that’s not flowery, the Neoregelia Bromeliad is a fantastic choice. The leaves can be any of a number of colors, including yellows, reds, and oranges, adding a tropical exoticism to any room that’s not overly showy.


Plants serve as a fantastic gift for both men and women, but these plants will likely fit a guy’s lifestyle and décor the best. With their masculine characteristics and traditions, these plants will fill empty spaces, add splashes of color, and provide warmth to whatever space they occupy. If you’d like more plant-gift ideas, ask any team member at City Floral Garden Center, and you’ll be sure to leave with the ideal plant for any person and/or occasion.

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