City Floral’s Top 5 Fall Bulbs

As the weather gets cooler (but before it freezes), this is the perfect time to plantfall bulbs so your garden is full of beautiful color in the spring! Planting bulbs is easy and fun, and let’s you focus on the design of your garden. Here are our top 5 Fall Bulbs:

1. Daydream Tulip – This mid season orange tulip has a stunning color change from bright orange to yellow over the tulip’s life.

2. Temple of Beauty Tulip – A late season red tulip, this one is quite tall (~30″) and a real stand out with its height, which makes it great for cutting.

3. Delft Blue Hyacinth – These early season bloomers are incredibly fragrant and when planted as a border, will shout that ‘spring is here’ when they bloom!

4. Tete a Tete Daffodils – These short, sweet, petite yellow daffodils are best planted in clusters for a bright pop of color in your garden. Plus, they are one of the first daffodils to emerge in the spring.

5. Crocus Roseus – New this year: a pink crocus!  We have all seen purple, yellow and white, now there are pink and orange.  Crocus are one of the first bulbs to emerge from the snow, so some people love to plant them in their lawn and let them bloom early so the foliage looks like grass later in the season.

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