Discover What it Takes for Urban Farming in Denver

Raising chickens in Denver - City Floral Garden CenterRecently Denver has had a boom in backyard farming interest, also known as urban farming.

Urban farming, which offers access to healthy food where it might not have existed otherwise, is becoming more popular in urban areas like Denver, New York City, and other big cities. Not only does urban farming encourage healthier eating, it helps educate kids and adults on the environment around them while strengthening their local community at the same time.

Whether offered through local businesses, community supported agriculture (CSA), or out of your backyard, urban farming is a versatile concept for urban areas. Urban farming takes on many forms, such as raising backyard chickens, managing a rooftop garden, beekeeping, and more. (View our video on raising backyard chickens in Denver here.)

Especially in the arid Colorado climate, it’s important to research which hardy plants are the best to plant per season – such as broccoli and lettuce for the fall and celery and corn in the summer. City Floral in Denver is here to help you learn about urban farming: we hold classes on beekeeping, raising chickens in your backyard, regular Colorado gardening tips and tricks, and more. Have questions on urban farming? Come into the garden center in Denver today!

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