Top Three Tips for Making Your Christmas Tree Last

At City Floral Garden Center in Denver, we encounter this question every holiday season: “How do I keep my Christmas tree alive?” Our amazing employees have a few tips for you below.

1. Buy a Colorado White Fir Tree

Christmas Trees at City Floral Garden Center in Denver, CO

Christmas Trees for sale at City Floral Garden Center in Denver, CO

Native to the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado White Fir handles cool weather well and can last through Colorado winters. The flat needles have a pleasant aroma and the local trees don’t drop their needles as quickly as other Christmas tree varieties.

One of City Floral’s most popular and long-lasting trees, the Colorado White Fir “can be in the house for 4-6 weeks easily without any needle drop,” said Trela Phelps, a City Floral Garden Center employee, in the recent Good Day Good Garden: Christmas Trees video. That means you can set it up before Thanksgiving and not have to worry about it until after New Year’s Day.

2. Buy a Quality Christmas Tree Stand

The first thing to look for in a quality Christmas tree stand is the material – buy a sturdy metal Christmas tree stand rather than a plastic Christmas tree stand. Particularly if you know you’ll be adding a huge assortment of ornaments or heavy ones, a metal Christmas tree stand won’t sway from side to side or topple over.

A large, strong metal Christmas tree stand will also have the water capacity needed to keep your Christmas tree alive. A larger water-well, such as a gallon or more, for a fresh cut Christmas tree is key to keeping your tree alive and hydrated the entire season long, and remember to check it frequently in case it needs refilling.

Last, but not least, when considering the perfect height of a Christmas tree for your home this year, don’t forget that the Christmas tree stand will also add a bit of height!

3. Buy a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

Buying a fresh cut Christmas tree at City Floral Garden Center in Denver, CO, ensures your new tree won’t dry out as quickly as trees cut weeks ago that are just sitting in a lot. As soon as you get home with your new Christmas tree, get it into a bucket of water while you’re setting up the tree stand. The more water the better in the first few days after your Christmas tree is cut.

With any live Christmas tree, remember to place it away from heat sources, like a heat vent, or too close to the fireplace as it can pull moisture from the tree and dry it out … not to mention potentially start a fire, which brings us to the next and final point …

To top it off with an excellent pro tip, the staff at City Floral Garden Center in Denver also recommends adding a chelated iron mixture in the water base. Chelated iron acts not only as a preservative for your Christmas tree, but also as a fire-retardant.

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