Are Poinsettias Poisonous?

Our team at City Floral Garden Center in Denver, CO, always comes across the following question this time of the holiday season: “Are Poinsettia Plants Poisonous?”

Known for its easily recognizable bright red, white, or mixed colors, poinsettias are a holiday staple in many U.S. homes every year. They’re also thought to be poisonous for humans and pets; however, this is incorrect!

The myth of poinsettias being poisonous originates from an early 20th Century story of a toddler’s death being attributed by her parents to her eating the plant’s leaves. However, since that story, there have been no actual documented deaths due to poinsettias.

It should be noted that City Floral Garden Center is not advocating you eat your holiday poinsettias though! Eating poinsettia leaves can cause some stomach irritation such as nausea and vomiting, but it depends on each individual’s reaction to it. It’s also important to keep pets from eating your beautiful holiday poinsettias, as dogs and cats can be more negatively affected by the plant than humans.

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