Three Indoor Herbs for the Holidays

Want a fresh supply of herbs all winter long for your holiday cooking? Start now by growing herbs indoors and you’ll never have to buy fresh or dried herbs from the grocery store again!

At City Floral Garden Center in Denver, we recommend buying small sage, rosemary, and parsley plants to start your indoor herb garden. All three herbs are used in a variety of cooking styles so virtually everyone benefits from having them close on hand. All you need is a sunny windowsill for your indoor herbs to get plenty of light throughout the winter (which isn’t too hard in sunny Colorado!).

Herbs and Vegetable Plants for Every Season Available at City Floral Garden Center

Herbs and Vegetable Plants for Every Season Available at City Floral Garden Center in Denver

While we all may not be foodies, sage, rosemary, and parsley can be incorporated in a number of dishes, particularly around the holidays. Just think of all the cooking opportunities in the fall and winter, how many times you may host a holiday party or attend one as a guest, and the last-minute grocery trips you’ll be saved when you grow indoor herbs.

Imagine the perfect Thanksgiving dinner laid out before you. You smell soft hints of sage as you pile stuffing onto your plate. When you take a bite of the perfectly roasted potatoes you smile at the small crunch of the rosemary leaves. Even at the end of the meal, you can’t help yourself going back for seconds on the turkey – the pride of the banquet – and its sprinkling of parsley that elevates the whole dish.

It’s never too late to buy indoor herbs, and if you start now, your holiday dishes next year will have that homemade touch with your lovingly cared-for indoor herbs.

Ready to get your herb or vegetable garden started, need garden supplies, or looking for a specific herb or vegetable variety? Visit our garden store and garden gift shop at 1440 Kearney St., Denver, CO 80220.

Plus, support the neighborhood and stop by Marczyk’s Fine Foods market to grab the rest of your Thanksgiving Day meal items; they’re just down the street from City Floral Greenhouse!

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